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About Edward Cross & Son Inc. in Oak Park, IL

Edward Cross & Son Inc. of Oak Park, Illinois is a chimney repair company established in 1937 by the Cross family. As a mom, pop, and son company, Edward “Ed” Cross Sr. estimated the jobs, his wife Dolly was the office manager, and their eldest son, Ed Cross Jr. acted as the foreman and master tuck pointer on job sites. As one of the oldest businesses in Oak Park, their legacy lives on today and has withstood the test of time.

Current Owner

In 1987, Ed Cross Sr. retired and sold his company to a young woman named Lori Hannigan. As the current owner, Lori took in the years of experience and knowledge handed down to her and developed her own expertise in the field. She treats her clients and their homes with the respect and dignity they deserve.
Chimney—Chimney Repair in Oak Park, IL

Our Work and Process:

  • We match colors to blend in with the existing mortar, red, black, chocolate and different tints of yellow.
  • We specialize in chimney rebuilding and repair.
  • We work with several local businesses such as roofers and heating and cooling contractors.
Whether you're in need of a chimney repair or a chimney rebuilding service, you can call us anytime. Our goal is to keep your chimneys in good shape and in excellent condition. Contact us today at 708-848-8631 to book an appointment. We are looking forward to serve you.